I created Something Sweet & Sassy so I could share with everyone the gifts I had been making for my friends and family.

I started making presents because I was tired of wasting my time at the mall trying to find the perfect gift for the fabulous people in my life. They deserved better – they deserved something made especially for them by someone who really cared.

I also began creating handmade gifts out of material in the hopes my wine bags and gift bags would be passed on to others — making gift giving more sustainable. I try to use all recycled / gently used fabric like dresses or men’s shirts from yard sales and fabric from flea markets.

I was lucky to inherit a room full of crafting supplies from my husband’s grandmother. I’m still making baby blankets, bears and bags!

I began by making cards for my clients when I was in sales. I wanted to show my personal appreciation for their business. So I started stamping and card making. That evolved into re-making my antique jewelry into funky and original pieces. Then came napkin rings and wine bags. Then, wonder of wonders, I decided make all the thank-you gifts for my wedding – including the save the dates, rehearsal invitations and placecards.

They were a hit.

So I continued brushing up on my sewing and creating aprons, wine bags and gift bags, baby blankets and bibs. My lovely god-daughter, niece and nephew, are my best inspirations – I love dreaming up new gifts for them.

Here are the fruits of my efforts. Stay tuned…and enjoy the experience.

If you want to know more about me…I’m the Sassy Assassin of SEO & Social Media and The Rohans by day…including Comics, Workshops & Spy Stuff. I’m Something Sweet & Sassy by night…if you want to find me, I’m probably hosting Happy Hour or preparing to be Mayor someday. I’ll shoult you a cuppa if you tell me your story…

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